Kenford is a company that stands for quality in every respect and prides itself on being a value-driven and ethically sound provider in the building and construction industry. We value our people and our clients in a way that ensures high quality outputs and can confidently attribute our place as a first-choice in building and construction providers for a variety of reasons:


Established for over 25 years

Having been established for 25 years, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience as well as a vast portfolio or work that showcases the many and varied achievements we have successfully made in the world of building and construction. Our ability to work flexibly and adapt to the changing nature of the construction industry as well as the demands and expectations of our clients has kept us thriving and alert over a quarter of a century and still finding new ways to develop today.


Provider of Superior Carpentry and Joinery Services

Our superior carpentry and joinery service is of course one of the main reasons why our clients come to us. They know that our knowledge and experience in the world of carpentry and joinery is of unsurpassable quality and our techniques and finishes are both visually appealing and operationally robust


Cost effective

We understand the importance of value for money and cost management, not only when the economic environment is fractured and fragile but when undertaking any business-focussed construction or building project on any scale. Seeking the most cost effective solutions that work well for the intended objectives is a skill and a knowledge we are proud to have in our teams at Kenford and can advise and impart on our clients to ensure that together we deliver results that keep to budget and meet expectations.


Health and safety conscience

Valuing the environment that our staff operate in and the way in which they have to work is a commitment we take seriously, so ensuring health and safety is at the forefront of our projects and their delivery process is very important. Meeting our regulatory requirements and going beyond these to ensure our working methods and the end results provide optimum health and safety is an achievement we are very proud of here at Kenfords.


 Reliable & Excellent Service

Providing an excellent service to our clients that is based on quality and reliability has always been important to us. From our humble beginnings to our expansion today, we have always ensured that our customers can rely on our expertise and knowledge, our technical skills but also our personalised and people-centred approach to delivering a service that they are happy to call a working-relationship. It is what keeps them coming back to us.


Our Services Include:

Commercial Buildings

  • 1st Fix & 2nd Fix Carpentry
  • Bespoke Joinery
  • Roof Construction
  • Refurbishments


Residential Buildings

  • 1st Fix & 2nd Fix Carpentry
  • Bespoke Joinery
  • kenford-tick House to Flat Conversions
  • kenford-tick Extensions
  • ¬†Refurbishments


However we are not limited to this so Please contact us on (020) 8830 4400 and one of our experienced managers will be happy to discuss your specific requirements