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Portfolio Addition: Observatory House Slough


Portfolio Addition: Observatory House Slough

Observatory House Slough

An Area and Building with History!

The house was originally called Grove House. In 1786 William Herschel, who had moved to England from Hanover, decided to settle in Slough following his appointment by King George III as his ‘private astronomer’. Herschel had discovered the planet Uranus in 1781; the first planet to be discovered that could not be seen with the naked eye. A project for a 40ft telescope was finished in 1789 and was in use until 1815. The house was demolished in 1963 although several societies did try to save it. The astronomical equipment and telescopes are now in various museums.

All gone now. A monument remains on Herschel Street, close to where the 40-foot telescope was located

We are onsite and at work in order to do our bit in this complete renovation of what is now office buildings.

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