Building and construction is undoubtedly a serious contributor to the change in the quality of our environment and has been for many decades. However, the key is to acknowledge the positive role that the industry can play in changing and improving the sustainability of the world around us, through its choices, processes, technology and culture. We recognise that the industry we work in has the capacity and the responsibility to affect the environment we live in, and we take this responsibility seriously. At Kenford Builders we encourage and develop our cultural commitment to our environment through how we work, ensuring that our impact on visual, noise and air pollution as well as our choices of materials and the management of them is at the forefront of every project we work on.


Our commitment to protect the environment through the work we do and the way in which we work is something we showcase through our delivery. As an ISO 140001 accredited organisation, we are conscious of ensuring a sustained environmental commitment and regularly monitoring ourselves against achieving this. Being on top of this and self-regulating our work in addition to being open to external scrutiny is what keeps us alert and responsive to the changes and challenges of the changing environmental policies that affect our industry year on year.


At Kenford Builders we make a concerted effort to keep our knowledge and understanding of legal requirements and compliance frameworks in the construction industry. This enables us to not only ensure we stay compliant but also to impart our knowledge and expertise to our clients through their projects. We regularly and successfully work with our regulatory bodies to ensure we have a robust relationship with them and so that we continue to be a learning and developing company in relation to environmental and sustainability issues. We have experts on our team to help advise and support our clients in ensuring their proposed project meets compliancy to external regulations as well as assisting them in improving their environmental impact proactively.


We know that you as a client want peace of mind in having contractors who know what they are doing and how to do it in a robust and sustainable way, so we work tirelessly to keep our skill and knowledge level raised high so you can be comfortable in relying on our expertise.


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