We at Kenford recognise that having a growing workforce is not just about the numbers of people on the payroll, but their ability to grow and develop within the organisation and independently. It is with this in mind that we promote and encourage our staff to grow and reach their potential through getting to know them and their aims and objectives for personal and professional development. Our methods of working with them closely to manage their development plan helps them to have the confidence and support in achieving their goals whilst balancing this with their personal and social commitments – as we understand that our people are people outside of their work environment too,


Our staff find that working with us allows them to improve all aspects of their professional skills and knowledge, from regulatory and compliancy issues, health and safety, technical skills, customer care or communication techniques, we will ensure that whatever the learning opportunity identified by our staff – we can work with them to bring it in to fruition. As a learning organisation we are also keen to learn from our staff about new products, services or techniques that we can train ourselves on to ensure that we keep ahead of the game.


The methods of training we encourage are also varied from, site safety exercises, supervision and mentoring, practical tool or equipment demonstrations, class based courses or professional qualifications. We are also committed to ensuring that any training we provide is recognised throughout the construction industry in the UK. As an active innovator in the sector, we at Kenford encourage our staff to suggest new and innovative training solutions and techniques for us to try and are always open to alternative and creative training opportunities.


At Kenford, we truly value the benefit of having a trained and developed team of staff as it is through this that we can have a confident and skilled workforce who can deliver our clients high quality and knowledgeable building and construction solutions successfully and satisfactorily. This ensures that our clients can rely on our team to provide them with up-to-date knowledge and advice on technical and industry-specific issues to help them in their own business objectives.


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