Our company mission at Kenford Builders Ltd includes our commitment to health and safety in all respects. Both our results and our working methods and environments take in to consideration our responsibilities as a health and safety conscious company; and we deliver on this commitment in three distinct ways:


Health & Safety for our people

Kenford Builders Ltd is committed to maintaining and improving, where possible the health, welfare and safety of its employees/ subcontractors and ensuring the safety of all other persons who may be affected by the company’s work activities. We take the time to ensure that our staff understand how to work in a healthy and safe way and their responsibilities as well as their rights to work in a place that is safe for them to do so. We invest in staff training to ensure that all work activities are undertaken by competent employees and in a safe manner.


Health & Safety in our work

We at Kenford Builders Ltd recognise the requirement to comply with statutory safety legislation and the clients’ health and safety specifications and rules. We ensure that our results meet these objectives fully. We will ensure that our building and construction projects benefit from the right compliancy checks, equipment testing and user-centred safety checking to make sure that no compromises are made. It is through adhering to our regulatory requirements and exceeding in our health and safety approach that Kenford can boast an exceptional health and safety record on-site over the years.


Promoting Health & Safety

Through inspections by Kenford internally and external Health & Safety organisations, as well as discussions and training programs, we inform and educate employees regarding correct safety procedures and motivate them to make proper use of this information. This then feeds out to externally inform, educate and advise our clients so that they too can take their health and safety responsibilities seriously. We are also on hand to provide our health and safety expertise to our clients’ stakeholders when required.


In addition to this, we can also be proud of the fact that at Kenford Builders Ltd 100% of our employees on site are CSCS card holders.


We are also proud members of Trada and NHBC and successfully hold the accreditations for the rigorous quality assurance frameworks of the internationally recognised ISO 14001& ISO 9001.


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