We like to think our customers agree with us when we say that Kenford Builders stands for the highest quality in product and delivery and from the excellent feedback we have had from our customers over our 25 years of business we are confident that our customers feel the same. At Kenford Builders we are proud to have achieved ISO 9001 through our quality management system; a rigorous compliancy framework of quality assurance.


Having the commitment to quality at the forefront of what we do and how we do it is something we take incredibly seriously. We achieve this through a variety of important means:


Providing and monitoring our customer satisfaction 

using this to build our relationships with our clients as well as improve on our processes and techniques. We believe being a learning organisation that appreciates continuous improvement through customer feedback is essential and so take the time to obtain this and proactively learn from it.


Quality communication

we at Kenford are committed to ensuring that what we communicate and how we communicate is of a high standard. This is not limited to how we communicate with our clients, but to our staff, our regulators, our partners and stakeholders at levels. 


Self-regulation and monitoring

we at Kenford are well disciplined in undertaking regular internal audits as a means of measuring processes and the effectiveness of our quality management systems. We do so in as independent as fashion as possible, and internally explore opportunities for improvement in a frank and honest manner. This keeps us ahead of the game and constantly learning.


 Continuous improvement

suggestions for improvement from our staff as well as our clients are not just heard by our management; they are taken on and put in to constructive actions. To do this successfully takes the commitment from management as well as the provision of resources to make this happen.


It is with all of this at the fore of how we operate that we can be sure to be the best in what we do and outshine our competitors. Working with Kenford is not just entering into an agreement with a quality buildings and construction company and delivering a quality product, but it is also entering in to a sound relationship with like-minded professionals to take the process of delivering quality services and treating our customers with respect very seriously.


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